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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  January 27, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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news4 at 6:00 starts now. >> fire, massive crowds and panic at a brazil nightclub. more than 230 dead and 100 more injured in the world's deadliest nightclub fire in more than a decade. brazil's president tonight calling for three days of mourning in memory of the victims. good evening, everyone. i'm jim rosenfield. we'll have more on that story in a moment. we want to begin with the potential for morey weather during your commute tomorrow morning. the entire d.c. metro area included in tomorrow's winter weather advisory, a mix of freezing rain and sleet headed in our direction from the great lakes. places like minneapolis, walk,
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and chicago dealing with icy conditions, treacherous road conditions as well as flight delays. so let's get right to storm team 4 meteorologist kim martucci with a look at our forecast. kim, we just can't catch a break with the timing of this weather. >> we can't. the timing just doesn't any worse. it's targeting our morning rush tomorrow, and because of that, that winter weather advisory in effect. here it is, all of this pink stuff is ice, and it is steadily moving into what is going to be cold air trapped at the surface right on top of us. look how big, look how much real estate these advisories take up from new york state right on down into north carolina, westward into the great lakes, all of these advisories mostly for ice and freezing rain, and, of course, we are included, too, all of our viewing area in this for tomorrow morning. so the big question is, what is it? it is a morning rush between 5:00 and 10:00 a.m. nightmare. what is going to be falling? likely freezing rain. a little bit of sleet but mostly freezing rain and how much will
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we be getting? probably a few hundredths of an inch. it doesn't sound like much. you won't see white snow all over the place. this is the type of tough that's deadly because it just takes a little icing to cause so many accidents. that's what we're concerned about for tomorrow morning. this is just the beginning. i got a crazy seven-day weather forecast with ups and downs, jim. i'll break it all down for new a few minutes. >> okay, kim. news4 today is starting early tomorrow making sure you get the latest weather and traffic as you head out the door. tune in starting at 4:00 tomorrow morning. we'll have an update for you tonight at 11:00. now, to the tragedy in brazil. more than 230 people killed in a nightclub fire in the southern city of santa maria. chaos and confusion filled the streets as good samaritans tried to rescue the people trapped inside. as duncan reports now, it appears a band's pyrotechnics may have started the fire. >> reporter: at least 232 people were killed early on sunday at a nightclub in southern brazil.
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more than 100 others are being treated in hospitals. reports say a flare or firework was lit, possibly by a band member or someone from the production team. it then set fire to the club's ceiling. partygoers stampeded towards the exits, many struggling to get out in the confusion. officials in the town of santa maria say the majority of victims died from suffocation. most of the partygoers were students from the nearby university. brazil's president has cut short a visit to chile to return to the town saying she would mobilize all possible resources to help in the rescue efforts. nbc news, london. elsewhere, jips president mohamed morsi declaring a month-long state of emergency in three cities today. the president head that annou e announcement in a televised address. it comes after several days of violence that left more than 45 people dead in cairo. protesters upset with morsi continued to clash with police in tahrir square.
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and in port said four more people killed at the funeral for the victims of a deadly riot yesterday. a nighttime curfew will be in place starting tomorrow night. here at home now, police in college park investigating after two university of maryland students were robbed in less than 12 hours today. darcy spencer is live there tonight with more on what happened and the latest on the investigation for us. darcy? >> reporter: jim, just within the last few minutes prince george's county police released some mug shots of men arrested in connection with one of the incidents. 17-year-old samuel chicas and 15-year-old benjamin chicas and 20-year-old edgar hernandez. all three men live in liverdari. they have been arrested and charged with a restaurant robbery early this morning. first crime happened at 3:00 this morning outside the shanghai cafe. police say three men were arrested for robbing a student
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outside the restaurant. they say the robbers armed with grass knuckles and a knife took the victim's wallet and iphone. do you walk around route one at night? >> all the time. a lot actually. like from library and back to get food, you know, just things daily. >> reporter: are you going to watch a little closer now? >> a little bit, yeah, definitely. >> reporter: about 1:15 this afternoon police say a student was a victim of an attempted robbery. it happened on the fourth floor of the new varsity high rise apartment building. police say the robber, wearing a ski mask and black pea coat, tried to steal a student's laptop. the student refused to hand it over who scuffled with the robber who took off empty handed. >> it was kind of unsettling because today we are looking at apartments and we are looking to look here and we just got a text saying there was an armed robbery here. >> reporter: that armed robbery -- or attempted armed robbery happened here at this building. a lot of students live here.
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we're told that police are going to be reviewing any surveillance video that could help in this investigation, and you may ask why might someone fight off someone who has a gun? apparently the student did not believe that that gun was real. and, again, the suspect ran away having not gotten anything from the robbery. reporting live from college park, darcy spencer, news4. family, friends, and colleagues paid their final respects to a gallaudet university professor today. hundreds backedrium for this me service. laura snyder-gardner and her teenage daughter mary ann died in a house fire last week in falls church. both were hearing impaired. she taught math and helped coach the girl's soccer team. the family is asking for people to make donations to a scholarship fund in lieu of flowers. you can find out more information on our website, search gallaudet. bipartisan agreement today about immigration reform. leaders of both parties saying they're optimistic about overhauling the system this
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year. president obama is scheduled to unveil his immigration plan on tuesday in nevada. former vice presidential candidate and wisconsin congressman paul ryan says lawmakers will be watching. on "meet the press" today ryan said he's cautiously optimistic about passing immigration reform this year. >> i think there's a balance between respecting the rule of law and adhering to the reality of the day, and i think marco rubio probably touched on it. i support and agree with the principles he laid out about earned legalization. >> he also talked about budget and deficit issue this is morning. he believes the sequester that was postponed will go into effect when the deal expires in march. a busy week ahead on capitol hill. on monday the senate will vote on the $50 billion sandy aid bill, and then on tuesday a committee could vote to confirm senator john kerry as secretary of state setting up a full senate vote in early february. wednesday the ceo of the
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national rifle association will testify at a hearing on gun violence along with gabby giffords husband mark kelly, and thursday is the confirmation hearing for defense secretary nominee chuck hagel. the capitals in town at the verizon center today looking for their first win of the young season against the buffalo sabres. jason pugh has highlights coming up in sports. plus, time running out for these puppies training to be service dogs. why their classes need a new home. and did you get an e-mail from facebook about a cash settlement? don't delete it just yet. it could be
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one of the boeing 787 dreamliners that caught fire earlier this month had been this the air less than three weeks. the ntsb gave an update on its investigation today. it says the plan had logged less than 200 flight hours before one of its lithium batteries caught fire after landing at boston's logan airport. the same battery on another 787 caught fire in japan on january 16th. dreamliners around the world have been grounded ever since. if you got an e-mail saying you're part of a class action lawsuit against facebook, look closely. might not be a scam. millions of facebook users are eligible for a small share of a class action lawsuit against the company. the suit claimed that facebook used pieces of member's content without permission. facebook settled the case for $20 million. but because of the number of
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users affected the most you will get out of it is about ten bucks. they're trained to help the visually impaired and others with disabilities, but tonight future service dogs are the ones who need help. still ahead, why the space they use to train won't be available much longer. and a roller coaster weather week ahead. potential for freezing rain tomorrow, then temperatures in the 60s, rain, and then maybe even snow. storm team 4 meteorologist kim martucci tracking it all for us.
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for the last ten years a church in vienna has been the home for a service dog training school. the dogs are trained to help the visually impaired, but as derrick ward explains, the trainers and their furry friends are in need of a new home and that's creating a problem for the business. >> reporter: their star pupil lisette going through some of her lessons in the parking lot before class. there is watson, eager to learn, sometimes a little too eager, but his heart is in the right place and classmates around litter rates aruba and aqua all going through the pace that is will make them good guide dogs for the visually impaired. for the past few years guiding eyes for the blind puppy training school has been held on, you know, here in the basement of the vienna presbyterian church. >> we work outside as much as possible but it's important we have a nice room and in the a central location in the area. >> reporter: as large as this church is space is still at a premium. the classroom the dogs are using
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isn't just for them. it's a choir room and right after the guide dog class a youth ministry activity is planned and after february there won't be space for the guide dog program at all. they're grateful for the time they've had here and they understand the church's predicament but it comes in the middle of the 16-week course for the dogs and that he is a demand for space, there's also a demand for their services. >> up to a two-year waiting list for people waiting to receive these dogs. >> reporter: and the space is ideal. >> this place has been really great because it gives us a lot of the different socialization aspect that is we need for training a future guide dog. this place in particular we use the staircases, exterior components. >> reporter: by february 15th they will have to find another place and they haven't found it yet. >> we don't have much time. >> reporter: in vienna, derek word, news4. >> don't want them out on the street tomorrow morning. >> no. it's going to be slippery tomorrow morning. >> yeah. >> we have so much to get through. i have a jam-packed weather cast
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for you. i hope you're ready. >> go to it. >> it's super sized. first thing's first. we have to talk about your monday morning commute because it's going to be dicey and/or icy. it's always a pleasure to have you with us. let's take a look around outside right now. it's the calm before the storm. got a beautiful shot of the capitol dome. today's high temperature was nice. we got up to 38. i know the average high is 44, but given the cold weather we had all last week, the sub freezing weather, this isn't too bad. we have some icy weather though on the way. let's somehow you the numbers. we're at 34, as you mentioned, above the freezing mark. north and west we're at 30. tonight's lows will go down into the upper 20s and low 30s. that cold air is going to be trapped at the surface when moisture, where is the moisture? right out here, tries to run over it. and that's where we have the danger. it's actually warming up upstairs in the atmosphere, so we will have some snowflakes falling that turn into rain, and then when it hits that cold air trapped at the surface over us,
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that's when we get the icing, and that is why we have a winter weather advisory in effect tomorrow morning for the metropolitan area between 5:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. if you're watching from farther west, frederick county off towards leesburg, this goes from 3:00 and goes later to noon. it's mostly going to be freezing rain. don't look for snow. there might be a period where we get a little bit of sleet, but this is mostly going to be an icing situation. freezing rain just to remind you is rain that falls and then freezes on contact. so it's hard to see. the road just might look wet but it could be icy if it's not treated. we will get probably just a few hundredths. it's not going to be a lot but just enough to create some bad traveling conditions. so hour by hour, 4:00 in the morning, 30 degrees, freezing rain. take you to 6:00 in the morning, 30 degrees, very slippery, some freezing rain. we might get a break with just clouds around 8:00, but by 10:00 one more shot of icing and then
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the atmosphere should be warming into the 40s and that is good news because it will change any leftover precipitation over to just plain old rain. here is the title up here at 10:30. this model has it changing over to rain by then with sporadic showers. those milder 40s are going to win out, and, boy, are they going to win big time. that's a 60 in the forecast as we talk about tuesday at 5:00. let me break down the seven-day for you. look at this roller coaster ride. first we'll focus in on tomorrow morning. the winter weather advisory in effect, 5:00 a.m. until 10:00 a.m. for a little bit of sleet but mostly freezing rain. the morning rush is the big affected time of day. then wednesday we'll have a warm start, 67, a dry start, and then up to an inch of rain later in the afternoon. we'll have a day that's 20 degrees above average, and then if that's not interesting enough, let me throw this one at you. as we think about our upsidedown thursday, we'll have the warmest air in the morning, 50.
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temperatures falling and winds picking up, middle 40s by the afternoon, and i know you're looking at this. let me break down this day for you. on friday we could have some snow flurries in the afternoon and we'll be 30 degrees colder than wednesday. it's nuts. i mean, this seven-day forecast has so much in it. i could dedicate the whole show to just dissecting this forecast, but it's going to be warm, it's going to be cold, we're going to have freezing rain, we're going to have sunshine, we're going to have a few flurries, jim. take what you want. tuesday is the best day of the week, tuesday. >> okay. thanks, kim. >> you bet. coming up in sports, alex ovechkin finally breaks through, but would the c
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here is jason with the caps working on trying to score some goals. >> yeah. this is not the kind of start you want to get off to when you have such high expectations as the caps have each and every year, but they're starting to show some signs of life as of late. >> tell us. >> in four games this season the capitals have mustered up one point. not only is that bad, it's the worst in all of hockey. while playing a new system the team's best player alex ovechkin is yet to score a goal. with the way things are going lately they can't really complain about who is scoring. the caps were just glad to get a win. of course getting physical with the class at the verizon center. bang out the kinks. caps down 1-0.
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mike ribero. ward has three goals this season. we're tied at one. second period, more caps. john erskine from the point. he's lighting up the lamp right here. watch the path the puck takes off cody and in. erskine's first goal since april 2011. caps go up 2-1. third period and the moment we have all been waiting for, caps on the power play. mike green to alex ovechkin, and the great eight finally breaks through, his first goal of the season. caps go on to win 3-2. their first victory of the year and their first head coaching win for adam oa tes. >> i'm just glad finally. i was kind of hoping it would be sooner but i'm glad. i was a little concerned at the beginning. i thought we were still a little flat maybe because we pushed so hard the other night.
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once we got going, i thought mike rib barrow's line scored a bill goal. to tennis, the number run ranked player in the world, novak djokovic is bidding to become the first man to three-peat in at the australian order. the only thing standing in his way is andy murray. it's last time they met in a grand slam it was murray who got the best of djokovic. novak got his revenge today. they have played each other 17 times. seven of those coming in the last year. we pick it up in the first set. tie break. murray in the near court up 6-2, and he gets djokovic to hit it out of bounds. murray took first set. after djokovic wins the second set, we're in the third. novak in the near court comes to the net, and that's just too easy. he'd take the set and murray can feel this one getting away from him. to the fourth set, match point
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for djokovic. he's in the far court and murray hits it into the net. djokovic wins in four sets taking home his third straight australian open title and sixth grand slam of his career. >> what a joy. it's incredible feeling winning this trophy once more, and it's definitely my favorite grand slam, my most successful grand slam. i love this court. i want to thank my team. you deserve this trophy as much as i do, so thank you so much. i love you, love all the crowd out here. thank you and see you next year. >> eric green has developed into a great college player. he leads the country in scoring but he hasn't received much help from his teammates. the one-man show continued but it wasn't enough as va tech fell short to clemson. eric green averaging over 25 points a game, tops in thea cc, tops in the nation.
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first half hokies down by eight. check out green. splits the defense and gets the floater to drop. he had 25 in this contest. va tech within six. second half, k.j. mcdaniels will miss the three. devon booker can't make the put back but mcdaniels is there for the monster jam. huge dunk by the sophomore. he had 17 points. tigers go up three. late in the game. clemson clinging to a two-point lead. milton jennings, he's going to sink the jumper. he led all scorers with 28. tigers hold on to win it 77-70. tech will host 25th ranked miami on wednesday. in the nba celtics hosting the heat. bad news for boston. rajon rondo tore his acl on friday and he will miss the remainder of the season.
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pick it up late. answers with a huge three. 34 points for him. we're headed to overtime. these two team needed a second overtime. paul pierce takes over. he had 17 points. boston holds on to win it in double overtime. your final score, 100-98. great game in the nba, heat versus celtics and the caps pick up a huge win. >> and we have this sort of sports weather all combining. the pro bowl is starting 30 minutes late because of the weather. okay? and we'll be back after the pro bowl
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